18 February 2014


1. Reddit - I'm revealing some of my geekiness here, but there is some great stuff on Reddit. Exhibit A, Mr. Bill Gates. I'm always skeptical about these "celebrity" social media accounts but either way, props to the PR team on making me look up to a millionaire nerd.

2. Marie Callendar's Pie sale - the double cream blueberry wins this year; sorry banana cream.

3. Overwhelmed by Joel Weldon - This song is an old praise song that I learned when I was in high school. The lyrics always remind me of what's important to me: God. Recently, I've been overwhelmed by many things--unexpected finances, stressful work hours, disappointing social situations... How strange to describe a relationship with God as overwhelming. I wouldn't group being in God's presence with the things previously listed. When I imagine how small I am and how great He is, it is overwhelming. On top of that, He calls me to be with Him. Doubly overwhelming. But better to be overwhelmed by love than stress, right?


  1. Big Daddy Weave also does a song called Overwhelmed! :)

  2. Yea, it turns out there's a lot of Christian/praise songs with the same title. Youtube was of little help when I was searching for the song I wanted.... ><